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Are you interested in buying a secondhand Mirror dinghy? Do you have a Mirror dinghy that is just sitting unused and taking up space? Help us connect buyers and sellers.

Ads for Mirrors, parts and related items (sails, boat covers, launching dollies, road trailers) are free. To place an ad, send an e-mail with a description of what you're selling (a digital photo doesn't hurt) or looking for, along with your contact information (phone number and/or e-mail) to

Boats for Sale

Mirror Dinghy 38317 - Richmond Hill

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder The boat has varnished interior and white paint on the exterior. Includes mast (wood), gaff & boom, centerboard, rudder, mainsail and jib. It has a fitted boat cover. The sails are good with no tears, stored in the basement in a proper bag. It has a small leak at the centerboard, but it seems to stop when it has been in the water a short time. It is ready to sail.

Price $ 850.00. The boat is sitting on a nice, sturdy trailer, which can be bought for $ 250.00. I can be reached by e-mail at

(Posted 2015-09-08)

Mirror Dinghy 7213 - Port Hope

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 7213 from Bow Lovingly restored, and in excellent condition except for a small patch on the transom that needs repair. Sails are in excellent condition. Has been dry stored until last year. I no longer have the place to do wooden boat maintenance so I am reluctantly selling it even though it is a ton of fun to sail! Comes with a fitted canvas English Mirror boat cover and a light, easy to manoeuvre road trailer.

The boat is located near Port Hope Ontario, but it can be brought to Toronto, $1500 obo. Contact Bob Bernstein

(Posted 2014-08-25)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 7213 Showing Interior from Stern Photo: Mirror Dinghy 7213 Showing Cover and Road Trailer

Mirror Dinghy 37154 - North Olmsted, Ohio

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 37154 on Storage Cradle Built from a kit in 1973 and used every summer for about 10 years (when our children were little tykes). Afterward, used only occasionally. Last sailed about 5 years ago. Boat is complete, including custom made sail/mast cover, and in very good condition. Has always been stored indoors. Includes a support cradle and a tilt-bed trailer with 15” almost new tires and a mounted spare tire. Hitch connection is 2 inch.

Boat is located in North Olmstead, Ohio. Asking US$ 3000.00 firm with cradle and trailer. Contact Philip Kramer at 440-779-1016 or

(Posted 2014-07-17)

Photo: Tilting Bed Trailer

Mirror Accessories - Timmins

Photo: Mirror Dinghy Accessories Mirror dinghy accessories for sale: 2 rudders; dagger board; mast; sail; oars; paint see accessory photos on Dropbox).

If interested call Steve in South Porcupine (just outside Timmins) at (705) 235-5704, or e-mail

(Posted 2013-07-31)

Mirror Parts for Sale - Peterborough

Brand new old stock Mirror parts (NOS) for sale. Never used. Located near Peterborough.

Photo: Rudder for Sale Unfinished rudder blade. Still has original part number stamped on it. Ready for final sanding and your choice of finish. $75 or best offer.

Also for sale: one wooden Mirror mast and one wooden boom. $25 each.

Contact: Gareth Goodchild

(Posted 2012-05-30, mast and boom added 2025-10-19)

Boats or Parts Wanted

Mirror Dinghy Wanted - Windsor

Looking for a mirror dinghy. Under $800. I live in Windsor Ontario but travel to Michigan, Ohio, Erie Pennsylvania and the Toronto and Bancroft areas in Ontario. Contact: Steve Daigle (please put mirror dinghy in the subject line).

In Search of a Mirror - Pacific Northwest

I'm looking for a Mirror Dinghy for sailing on Puget Sound. Please contact:

Looking for Blue Goose from Ohio

I am trying to find Mirror dinghy 24664, built in Ohio in the late 1960s, with the original name Blue Goose. We are in the midwest US, but are willing to travel to purchase this boat. Please contact Thanks!

Mirror Wanted - Mississauga

Want used Mirror dinghy in Ontario: complete boat with all equipement, oars included. No trailer required. Boat and spars must have NO DRY ROT. Willing to do touch ups and minor repairs. Offer must be under $500. I live in Mississauga area. Contact Herb at (905) 826-4291 or by e-mail

Looking for a Mirror - Manitoulin Island

Susan Garlock has opened a new business in Gore Bay on Manitoulin Island - the perfect spot for sailing. She is looking for a Mirror to purchase. Contact her at

New or Used Spinnaker - Nova Scotia

Markus Rannala, from Nova Scotia, is looking for a new or used spinnaker for a Mirror. He can easily arrange for it to be picked up from the Toronto area. Contact him at

Looking for a Mirror - Kirkland Lake

Paul Dandavino from Kirkland Lake, Ontario, would like to acquire a Mirror. You can contact him at or give hime a call at (705) 266-5701.

Polish Sea Scouts chapter in Mississauga

We are rebuilding our fleet after a fire in our boathouse a few years ago. We have decided to rebuild our fleet using Mirrors. Due to our limited financial power we are looking for older boats, boats needing repair or even parts of them. We will gladly accept donations in exchange for tax receipts. If you have anything to offer or know someone who does let us know.

Les Bienczyk - sailing instructor
(416) 230-7562

P.S. We are also looking for other one person dinghies (Optimist or similar)

Recent Sales

Mirror Dinghy 66704 – Markham

Photo: M66704 in Garage Storage Rack Mirror Sailcraft, North Bay. Built from kit in 1983 with West System epoxy. Blue exterior, varnished interior. For sale by original owner: always stored in garage. Not sailed for 15 years. Kept for grandchildren who have other interests.

All standard equipment. No trailer. Extras: spinnaker, spinnaker chute, aluminium whisker pole, sheets, self-bailer. Miscellaneous fittings, Sailing and racing books. Asking $1300.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2016-05-23)

Photo: M66704 Equipment

Mirror Dinghy 63830 - London

Photo: M63830 Viewed from Stern I have had this boat stored inside for a number of years and it is time to dust it off and sell it. The interior is spar varnished and the hull paint is in good condition although the odd paint chip is visible. A new coat of spar varnish would spruce it up but it is sailable as is. The sails are in excellent condition. Oars are included but the moving dolly shown in the picture is not included in the price. I do not have trailer for it at this time.

Boat is located in London, Ontario. Asking $800.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2016-06-15)

Photo: M63830 Viewed from Side with Accessories Photo: M63830 with Sails

Mirror Dinghy 67174 - Ohio, U.S.A

Photo: Mirror 67174 Afloat Built for racing from a Bell (U.K.) kit in 1985 by George Gordon. Excellent condition, fully rigged for racing. Hull is exactly 100 lbs. Original Holt sails, plus a Roy Partridge racing main and two jibs, plus two spinnakers and two centerboards. Stored indoors. Always car topped long distances. Might deliver.

$1,500 OBO with trailer.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2015-09-29)

Mirror Dinghy 38376 - Niagara-on-the-Lake

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M38376 Interior It is time to pass on my Mirror dinghy. It was built by me from the official kit supplied by Seagull Sailboats who I met at the 1973 Toronto boat show. The serial number is 38376.

The boat has been garage stored when not out sailing. The sails have been kept indoors, away from light and in their storage bag to keep them clean.

The boat is in good working order and there is nothing to prevent it from launching and sailing as it is now. The kit supplied accessories such as rowlocks and oars are present. The paint is a white alkyd, generally in good shape but quite a few wear and rub marks. The varnish is a lustre urethane. The sails are clean with no tears. The resin and adhesive used to assemble the hull is still holding up and appears to be as strong as when it was new.

Issues - the numbers on the sail have become unglued and a new set of numbers is needed. There is a water seep somewhere where the centreboard casing meets the hull - this would probably tighten up if the area was painted or varnished. The gaff spar needs to be re-glued to prevent a 6 or so inch split from growing any more. And a proud new owner would probably like it to have fresh paint and varnish.

The boat is sitting on a small road trailer which has been modified to cradle the boat, and a leaf has been removed from the springs to give softer ride for the light Mirror. The wheels and tyres are in good shape.

The boat and trailer has a suggested value of $900.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2015-05-24)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M38376 On Trailer Photo: Mirror Dinghy M38376 Rudder, Centreboard and Oars

Mirror Dinghy - Bracebridge

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder This boat has been stored inside for most of its life. I personally have only sailed it a few times one summer about twelve years ago and then stored it inside and have never used it again. The sails are good along with the daggerboard, rudder and mast and oars. I have no trailer to sell with the boat but I could deliver it for you within a reasonable distance. I live in Bracebridge and have had to relocate the boat again to inside storage but I need the space for other things.

I'm asking $1,000 and would like an early sale.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2015-05-07)

Mirror Dinghy 68475 - Riverside, Rhode Island, USA

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M68475-1 Interior This MIrror Dinghy was assembled and finished by Bayberry Creek Boat Shop in Guilford, CT in 1987. The boat has always been stored inside and is in excellent condition. I have all of the original lines and hardware plus some upgrades to both. Boat is ready to trail and sail. Price includes a road ready galvanized Venture Trailer.

Price US$1250.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2014-09-22)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M68475-2 Spars, Sails and Accessories Photo: Mirror Dinghy M68475-3 Bow View of Trailer

Mirror Dinghy - Maryland USA

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Built approximately 1986. Good condition. Includes sails, oars, all equipment. Sailed in 2013.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2014-09-04)

Mirror Dinghy 52183 - Cowan's Bay, Ontario

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder This mirror was built in 1977, from a kit from Seagull Sailboats Ltd. It has a varnished interior and white epoxy paint on the exterior. Includes mast (wood), gaff and boom, centerboard, rudder, mainsail, jib and oars, as well as the original building instructions. The boat is in great shape but could use a new coat of paint on the hull.

Asking $800. The boat is located in Cowan's Bay, Ontario (near Omemee).

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2014-06-18)

Mirror Dinghy - B.C.

Photo: Mirror Dinghy Rigged Rigged and ready to sail. Includes:

Asking $900 Firm.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2015-10-08)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy on Dolly with Cover Photo: Mirror Dinghy Decks Photo: New Harken Ratchet Block Photo: Oars Photo: Oarlocks Photo: Vang Photo: Spare Centreboard and Rudder

Mirror Dinghy 25143 - Montreal, Quebec

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 25143 Hull Exterior Perfect boat for a winter project. Hull has been stripped and some minor repairs completed. Interior fiberglass work required around centreboard trunk, etc. Stored outside under plastic. Wooden spars, 2 sets of sails, one set only lightly used, spinnaker, wooden centreboard and rudder. Additionally, I have some new parts to complete the restoration like a self bailer and cam cleats to sell separately at market value. For pick-up in Montreal.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2014-08-03)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 25143 Hull Interior

Mirror Dinghy - Vancouver B.C.

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Good condition. Includes wooden mast, gaff and boom, centerboard, rudder, mainsail, jub and oars. Stored indoors. Ready to sail. Buyer would have to provide roof top carrier or trailer. According to the previous owner, this vessel was at one time owned by canadian novelist William Deverell.

Asking $400.00 or best offer. The boat is located in Vancouver B.C.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2015-09-22)

Mirror Dinghy 48484 - Detroit Michigan Suburb

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M48484 This mirror was built in 1977 from a kit from a distributor out of Rocky River, Ohio. It has a varnished interior and white epoxy paint on the exterior. Includes mast (aluminum), gaff and boom, centerboard, rudder, mainsail, jib and oars, as well as the original building instructions. The boat is in excellent shape. I sailed it for a several years with a local club in the late 70 and early 80s. It was always stored indoors. I am getting to old to deal with it now what with arthritis getting worse. It does not have a spinnaker. Buyer would have to provide a roof top carrier or a trailer.

I am Located in Huntington Woods, Michigan and asking US$1000.00 O.B.O. for her.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2015-07-05)

Mirror Dinghy - Rochester, New York

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder I built mine in the 70’s in Vancouver and have enjoyed it over the years. It now lies neglected in our garage. It needs a bit of love but it still has original sails, and rigging.

Sorry - Gone!

(Posted 2015-08-27)

Free to a good home! Mirror Dinghy - Peterborough

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder I've inherited a Mirror Dinghy that is not quite water ready but needs a bit of TLC to fix a small (2") hole in hull and some hull repainting where white epoxy was stripped. The boat is clean and dry and has been stored properly in a leak-free shed for the past 7 years, but it's time to find someone who will love, repair and sail it! Beside the woodwork, everything else (sails, rudder, sheets, tiller, mast) is in tip top shape!

Stored near Peterborough, ON. Whomever would like it will need to coordinate a pick up or pay for trailer rental and gas for local delivery. Please give this sweet boat a new home!

Sorry - Gone!

(Posted 2015-07-06)

Mirror Dinghy 67175 - Ohio U.S.A

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M67175 on the Trailer This boat has been stored inside through out its life. The time has come to sell the boat! The boat was built using the west epoxy system. It is in very good condition and comes complete with trailer, main, jib and a spinnaker.

The boat is located in Medina, Ohio. I am asking US$1,100.00.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2015-05-30)

Mirror Dinghy 44314 - Ohio, U.S.A.

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M44314 on the Launching Dolly This hull was built in 1996 from an older kit using the West epoxy system. It has been stored in doors and is in very good condition. I will be moving and will not have the ability store & use the boat. It comes complete with a launching dolly, main and jib. The boat has the fittings on the hull for flying a spinnaker. The boat will need halyards and a spinnaker crane in addition to a spinnaker and a spinnaker pole. I had used the rigging from my other mirror when I sailed this boat.

I am located in Medina, Ohio and asking US$900.00 for her.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2015-05-30)

Mirror Dinghy 31578 - Stratford New York

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Painted boat needs some cosmetic improvements, but in generally good shape, all solid. Main and jib in nice condition, mooring cover, road trailer and dolly, tiller and center board in good shape.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2014-09-06)

Mirror Dinghy 38316 - Windsor

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M38316 Showing Interior Mirror dinghy 38316 for sale. Dinghy needs minor work. Has not been used for several years but has always been stored inside. Sails are in good condition.

The boat is located near Windsor, ON. Asking $545. Original building and sailing instructions are included.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2014-09-06)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M38316 Exterior from Starboard Photo: Sails for Mirror Dinghy M38316

Mirror Dinghy 66711 - Ottawa

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M66711 on the water Wood construction Mirror dinghy. Excellent condition – dry and lightweight. Painted hull, varnished inside. Self-bailer. Aluminium mast, wooden gaff and boom. Stored in basement during winter. Ready to sail or race: mainsail, jib and spinnaker, including chute – race standard running rigging recently replaced. Includes dolly, road trailer and new UK-sourced lightweight, breathable boom-up cover.

$1950 or nearest offer. Located in Ottawa.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2014-09-04)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M66711 with Boom-up Cover Photo: Mirror Dinghy M66711 Showing Interior Photo: Mirror Dinghy M66711 with Main, Jib and Spinnaker Rigged

Mirror Dinghy 62218 - Ohio

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Mirror Dinghy 62218 is looking for a home. Rarely used, built with West System epoxy, and stored inside. The boat finished in 5th place when raced the U.S. Mirror Nationals.

Boat is currently located at Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2013-08-01)

Mirror Dinghy 14364 - Toronto

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 14364 This Mirror was built from a kit from Seagull Sailboats in 1969 and used for many years. The boat has been unused for a number of years and is in need of some significant restoration work. Also included are the mast, gaff, boom, centreboard, rudder and a set of sails. There is also a trailer, not designed for the boat, which also needs some work (no lights).

The boat is located in central Toronto. The owner would like to give the whole package to someone who will restore the boat and sail it.

Sorry - Gone!

(Posted 2014-07-16)

Mirror Dinghy 51159 - Mississauga

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder I have a Mirror Dinghy, sail number 51159 for sale. The boat is in good shape on a trailer. It has not been used for about five years.

The boat is located in Mississauga Ontario.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2013-07-20)

Mirror Dinghy 36803 - Toronto Beaches

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 36803 Showing Hull and Interior Mirror Dinghy 36803 is ready to sail. Built in 1972 and currently stored inside dry garage when not in use, it has been well cared for and is in good condition. Sale price of $1200 includes licensed and customized multi-purpose flat-bed trailer for road transport, wheeled dolly for launching, new custom Trident boat cover, varnished pine mast and spars, jib and mainsail with battens, centreboard, rudder, tiller extension, oars etc. It has two new Harken blocks and rigging. It has been lots of fun to sail but now we are moving house and need the space.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2014-06-04)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 36803 Showing Cover Photo: Mirror Dinghy 36803 Showing Trailer and Dolly

Mirror Dinghy 63878 - Montreal

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 63878 at the Dock I have Mirror dinghy 63878 for sale. Excellent condition. Fresh paint and varnish. Two sets of sails plus many extra parts and pieces. Comes with a road trailer also in excellent condition.

The boat and trailer are located at Baie D'urfé Yacht Club about 25km west of Montreal Quebec. Asking $950 for the lot.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2013-08-21)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 63878 at the Dock

Mirror Dinghy 20718 - Owen Sound

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 20718 For sale a complete mirror dinghy hull number 20718 with original building instructions. The deck needs a coat of paint.

Asking $850.00. The boat is located a Sauble Beach near Owen Sound Ontario.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2012-05-30)

Mirror Dinghy 67760 - Brunswick, Ohio

Photo: Interior of Mirror Dinghy 67760 from Bow Mirror Dinghy Sailboat with Road Trailer and trailer dolly. Sail Number 67760. Excellent workmanship; boat is in like-new condition. Includes all parts: aluminum mast, wood spars, rudder, daggerboard, all fittings, main sail and jib. Boat has only been in the water three times; always stored indoors. Health reasons prompt sale.

Located Brunswick, Ohio (near Cleveland, Ohio). Asking US$1,695.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2013-06-19)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 67760 and Trailer Photo: Mirror Dinghy 67760 from Stern

Mirrir Dinghy 55382 - Syracuse, New York

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 55382 from Bow 1976 Mirror Dinghy, 10'-10" LOA x 4'-7" BOA, gunter rigged sloop with main and jib, sail #55382, 5mm 3-ply gaboon marine plywood with epoxy-taped seams and epoxy coating over all plywood with Interlux Interthane high gloss white 2-part linear polyurethane paint on hull exterior. Inside cockpit, decks & seats finished bright. Stored inside of barn and in excellent shape on new [never used] trailer for last 20 years - with sails, brass keel strip, dagger board, oars and anchor. Trailer has new tires and rims (2013).

US$1,149 or best offer.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2013-05-06)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 55382 Side View

Mirror Dinghy 53063 - Brighton

Photo: Mirror 53063 on the Water Mirror 53063 is for sale. She is in excellent condition. Includes spinnaker and pole, original oars, trailer and integrated dolly. Sails still bright and fresh. All wood, paint and varnish in good condition.

Located in Brighton, Ontario. Price $1200.00 firm.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2013-08-04)

Photo: Mirror 53063 on Trailer Photo: Mirror 53063 - Interior

Mirror Dinghy 36406 - Milton, Ontario

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 36406 on the Launching Dolly World class racing Mirror for sale. Raced in 2 World Champion ships (1995 & 1997). OMDA Junior Champion boat 1994 and Provincial Champion boat 1996 (See OMDA Trophies list).

The Mirror is an epoxy paint exterior with an interior wood finish. It comes equipped with go fast gear, cams and mods carefully installed/tuned through 3 years of racing. Additional inclusions: Auto Bailer, Aluminum Mast, racing boom & spinnaker poll. Includes both: original sails (Jib, Mainsail & spinnaker) for learning & joy riding as well as custom premium jib and main sail from Owen racing sails, and a racing spinnaker.

Other Accessories included: Boat Trailer, Launching Dolly (launching from beach or docks) and paddles.

Boat Condition: The Mirror was carefully maintained through it's usage and has been properly stored in a dry garage attic for 15 years. It's in excellent working condition and has port hole access to all bouancy tanks for simple maintenance. It's a perfect boat for a serious racer or a family looking to get into sailing with the option of getting into racing down the line.

Price: $1500 (All included). Boat is located in Milton, Ontario.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2013-07-18)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 36406 Parked Photo: Mirror Dinghy 36406 Interior of Cockpit at Stern Photo: Mirror Dinghy 36406 on the Water Photo: Mirror Dinghy 36406 Interior

Mirror 36358 - Keswick

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder The boat was completely restored and beautifully refinished approximately 5 years ago and is still in great condition.

The boat is located in Keswick, Ontario. Asking $900.00 complete.

Sorry - Sold!

(Posted 2013-07-02)

Mirror Dinghy 38317 - Toronto

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 38317 Mirror Dinghy 38317. Outside hull freshly painted in the spring of 2012, interior was varnished in 2007. Includes a 6 year old Seitech dolly (for Mirror and OKay Dinghies). New red sheets and lines. Included is 6 year old mast-up custom Mirror boat cover as well as many extra spare parts. Road-ready trailer available, if desired. Gently used and mightily loved, have bought a bigger boat.

Asking $900.

(Posted 2013-04-14)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 38317 Showing Dolly and Mast Up Cover

Mirror Dinghy 50756 - Oakville

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 50756 Mirror Dinghy 50756 for sale, ready to sail. Stored inside garage when not being sailed. Has been kept dry, well maintained and used carefully. Not used a lot and is in excellent shape. Includes wheeled dolly for launching, oars, metal mast, boat varnished spars, jib and main sails with battens, centreboard, rudder. Registered in Toronto 54 area

Located in Oakville. Asking $1100.

(Posted 2013-04-17)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Dolly Included with Mirror 50756 Photo: Mirror 50756 - Hull Exterior Photo: Mirror 50756 - Interior

Mirror Dinghy 51178 - Pickering

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 51178 For sale, Mirror dinghy 51178 with light weight trailer. Well maintained and cared for. Garage stored in the winter and when not in use aways dry. Boat and trailer in good condition, trailer totally road worthy. Included with the dinghy are jib sail, batterns anchors, lights, oars, mast weather vain. safety kit. Selling as the kids don't have interest to sail.

Located in Pickering. $1200 for both.

(Posted 2013-04-21)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 51178 with Accessories

Mirror for Sale - Chaffey's Lock (Kingston area)

Photo: Hull from Above Very Good Condition. Garage stored. No Trailer Complete with 3 sets of sails, 2 centre-boards, 2 rudders, 2 paddles 2 tillers with extensions, 2 booms, 2 gaffs, 2 masts Boat was part of a cottage sale. Paperwork implies that it was built around 1977. Last sailed in 2010 by previous owner. Original building instructions and book on Sailing the Mirror by Roy Partridge.

Asking $1000.00 for Mirror dinghy and spare parts. The boat is located in Chaffey’s Lock (65 km NE of Kingston, 65 km W of Brockville).

(Posted 2013-03-21)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Rudders, Centreboards and Spars Photo: Bottom of Hull

Mirror Dinghy - Hamilton

Photo: Mirror Dinghy Sailing Away Good original condition. Professionally made. Stored inside. Lovingly (reverently) cared for, but only sailed occasionally for the last 7 years by us. Stripped to wood painted and re-varnished 2 years ago. Wooden spars, oars, centre board and rudder, main, two jibs. Mast up cover nearly new and never used.

Asking $1000. Boat is Ancaster (near Hamilton), Ontario.

(Posted 2012-04-17)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror for Sale - Brampton

Photo: Mirror Dinghy in Brampton on Trailer Boat is stored outside under the tarp. The hull needs a little bit of TLC. Included are: Mast, gaff and boom, centreboard, and rudder assembly, mainsail and jib (all like new). Also included is a road trailer that needs some work to be made road safe.

Asking $500 or best offer. Boat is located in Brampton, Ontario.

(Posted 2012-05-30)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Mirror Dinghy in Brampton - Interior

Mirror Dinghy 63878 - Kettleby

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 63878 on its Trailer This Mirror is fully complete with two sets of sails and 2 centre boards plus a number of new fittings and ropes. It also comes with a road trailer. It hadn't been used much and was always stored indoors up until a year ago. Everything is in good shape but the hull needs repainting and varnishing.

The boat is located in Kettleby, just north of Toronto. Asking $1,300 for boat and trailer.

(Posted 2011-04-12)

Sorry - Sold!

Free! Mirror 51213 - Barrie

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Mirror 51213 was built in 1981, one owner. This boat needs a lot of TLC and I don’t have the time to do the repairs. It includes mast, gaff, boom, rudder daggerboard as well as other fittings. Two sets of kits sails and other spare parts. This boat was a load of fun and hopefully someone can put it back to sailing condition and have as much fun as I did!

(Posted 2012-11-11)

Sorry - Gone!

Mirror Dinghy 7213 - Peterborough

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 7213 View of Interior with Spars Mirror 7213 has been completely refurbished, nothing left to do. Always dry stored and used very little since restoration. All new halyards, sheets, and many new parts and fittings. Included is brand new custom Mirror boat cover from England as well as many extra spare parts. Comes with an excellent road trailer which has also been overhauled. Everything works, lights, bearings greased, spare wheel and is highway ready. Have bought bigger boat.

Can deliver if needed. Boat is located near Peterborough. Asking $1700 OBO.

(Posted 2012-09-26)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 7213 On the Road Trailer Photo: Mirror Dinghy 7213 with the Cover On Photo: Mirror Dinghy 7213 On the Water

Mirror Dinghy 38380

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 38380 Exterior I rescued this boat from under a cottage deck. I built a mirror with my dad so I instantly recognized it. I paid $100 for salvage so I'd like to get that back but will take offers. She's in very rough shape but may be recoverable...

Hull number 38380. Spars, sails, rudder, tiller and daggerboard are serviceable. The boat is dry (currently in my garage). The pictures will tell the sad story.

(Posted 2012-09-10)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 38380 Transom Photo: Mirror Dinghy 38380 Interior Towards Stern Photo: Mirror Dinghy 38380 Interior Towards Bow

Mirror Dinghy 16684 - Mississauga

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 16684 Mirror 16684 is in excellent condition. It has a full complement of sails including a spinnaker. Original Sitka Spruce mast, boom, gaff and oarshafts. Has always been stored inside, must be seen to be appreciated. The Olsen Sunspot road trailer is the right fit for the boat. Some extras included: trailer dolly (see picture), one paddle, etc.

Must sell as soon as possible. Asking price for Mirror and trailer is $1300.00

(Posted 2012-08-31)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 20763 - Newmarket

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 20763 from Behind A 1969 Mirror Dinghy, sail number 20763. The sailboat has all the original equipment, with one set of sails. There are no oars or trailer. Recently, the exterior hull has been refinished and painted. It does requre some fiberglass work on one seat. Winter storage has always been inside. I am willing to deliver within a reasonable distance from Newmarket.

Asking $1000.

(Posted 2011-09-18)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 20763 from Behind

Mirror Dinghy 52154 - Scarborough

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 52154 Stored in Garage For Sale: complete Mirror class dinghy, professionally built in the early 80s by a German perfectionist, seats filled with styro foam, has racks to store in garage, but no trailer. Used only 2-3 times.

Asking $1300.

(Posted 2012-07-29)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 52154 Interior Photo: Mirror Dinghy 52154 Oars, Spars and Lifejackets Photo: Mirror Dinghy 52154 Main Sail

Mirror Dinghy for Free

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder I inherited this Mirror Dinghy sailboat serial number 50030 or so about 30 years ago and have each year stored and restored it so it is in good working order and all parts are with it apart from main sail which went missing. Probably a mainsail would be available, perhaps through the Ontario Mirror Dinghy Association (check the website for a history of the design etc). I have had years of enjoyment and would rather find someone who would continue to enjoy it or use parts rather than take it to the dump!

(Posted 2012-07-29)

Sorry - Gone!

Mirror Dinghy 25970 - Guelph

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M25970 Use Mirror Dinghy for sale, Hull Number 25970. Boat is in great shape, always stored indoors. Many recent updates including aluminum tiller, automatic bailer, sail controls led to the cockpit, new rigging, 4:1 Boom Vang control, and hull reinforced with mahogany strips within class rules. Hull is epoxy barrier coated. Original wood spars re-varnished. Rigging hardware replaced with stainless steel fittings. Includes a mast up boat cover, and 4 PFDs. This boat is ideal for a learn-to-sail adventure with a young family, and is ready to be put into the water.

Asking $2100 OBO. Boat is located in Guelph, Ontario.

(Posted 2012-04-02)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy M25970 - Interior Photo: Mirror Dinghy M25970 - Cover Photo: Mirror Dinghy M25970 - PFDs

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy - Victoria B.C.

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Mirror Dinghy for Sale in Victoria B.C. on Vancouver Island. Boat is complete. The main sail and Jib are almost new, but hull needs work.

Make an offer.

(Posted 2011-03-21)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 25948 - Pembroke

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 25948 Complete Mirror dinghy for sale. Sail number 25948, has wooden mast and second main sail.

Located Pembroke Ontario area. Make an offer.

(Posted 2009-07-01)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 5707 - Thornhill (GTA)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 5707 from Bow I own a mirror class dingy which I built with a friend back in 1970. We have sailed the boat for many, many years and have reaped much pleasure from her. About 3 years ago, she was in pretty rough shape and I decided to rebuild her. I replaced the transom, gunwales, dagger board case, most of the hull wood and all of the fibre glass joints. I also fitted her with new hardware. The sails are original and still in pretty good condition. She is number 5707.

I have recently moved into a condo and cannot keep my mirror any more so I'm putting her up for sale. Included is the boat, sail bag with main sail , jib and all lines/fittings, 2 piece mast and boom and a set of car toppers modified especially to carry her.

I have enjoyed the boat for many years but it is time for someone else to have her. I you have anyone interested in buying a boat, this is the way to do it for very little money. All I want is $150. However, the boat must be picked up within the next 10 days. It is sitting at the back of my former home in Thornhill (actually its mine until the end of the month) on the deck. My condo is close by so I can show it to anyone interested if they give me 15 minutes notice.

(Posted 2012-04-18)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 5707 from Stern Photo: Mirror Dinghy 5707 Interior

Mirror 53112 - Belleville

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 53112 Mirror dingy with two sails and rigging. We bought it last year used, needs a bit of work... we just don't have the time or the talent to work on it. Sail #53112.

We are in Belleville, Ontario. Asking $500.00.

(Posted 2012-01-23)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 26061 - Owen Sound Area

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 26061 On the Trailer Mirror 26061 was built in 1971. It has been refurbished by replacing all the fibreglass tape around the floatation cells and re-epoxied. Painted cockpit white, hull blue. The trailer has also been refurbished with new wooden supports, a new tail light system, and a fresh paint job (frame blue, wheels white).

The boat and trailer are for sale at a discounted price of $850 if purchased before November 1.

(Posted 2011-09-28)

Sorry - Sold!

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 26061 Interior from Bow Photo: Mirror Dinghy 26061 Interior from Stern

Mirror Dinghy - Bancroft

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Mirror Dinghy fully equipped, good sails and spars, needs some deck work, not sailed in 5 years. May be missing one or two small fittings, but otherwise in good shape. Location Weslemkoon Lake, near Bancroft.

Free to good home.

(Posted 2011-08-29)

Sorry - Gone!

Mirror Dinghy 30764 - Sarnia

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 30764 Photo: Interior View For sale: Mirror Dingy sail no. 30764. recently revitalized (new paint, etc). Sails (including spinnaker) and all rigging in excellent condition. Includes oars and upgraded oarlocks, safety paddle, danforth anchor, etc. The entire outside of the hull is fiberglassed. I also have the original (UK) building and rigging/sailing instructions. No trailer.

Asking $750. Boat is located near Sarnia, Ontario.

(Posted 2011-08-08)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy - Ancaster

Photo: An Interior View of the Mirror and It's Accessories I have a Mirror for Sale. It needs some work. It has been in dry storage and hasn't been in the water for about 25 years . No sails (lost them in a recent fire in my garage), but complete with 2 oars, extra oarlocks, rudder assembly (with tiller extension), centerboard, wooden mast, gaff and boom, all in original wood from the kit. Also have the instrution manual.

The boat is located in Ancaster, Ontario, (west end of Hamilton). Price $250.

(Posted 2011-07-16)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 51211 - Buckhorn

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 51211 Showing Interior Complete Mirror Dinghy for sale, Number 51211. Excellent condition, always dry stored. Complete with spinnaker, upgraded fittings and protective fitted cover. Sails well but ready to move on.

The boat is located in Buckhorn, north of Peterborough. Asking $1300.

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 51211 with Cover On

(Posted 2011-06-04)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 9386 - Bruce Penninsula

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 9386 in August 2010 Hi: Mirror Dinghy #9386, is for sale. The picture shown here was taken in Aug 2010. The boat is in good sailing condition.

Asking $600.

(Posted 2011-05-30)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 66710 - Ottawa Area

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 66710 Professionally built Mirror Dinghy 66710 with full set of sails (jib, main and spinnaker - signed by Robert Mew Sails 10 May 1983) together with rudder and many happy memories. Missing mast and center board. All in good condition - stored in barn until last year. Comes with launching dolly and trailer. Trailer needs fixing so you will need your own to transport boat from us. We're moving mid-June and children are all grown and far away.

The boat is located in Russel, near Ottawa. Asking $400.

(Posted 2011-05-18)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror dinghy 26082 - Manitoulin Island

Photo: Mirror 26082 Mirror dingy with full set of sails (jib, main and spinnaker) as well as spare main and jib sails. Average condition. Refer to photographs for details.

Asking $1200 firm. Boat is located in Little Current, Manitoulin Island (about one and half hours from Sudbury).

(Posted 2008-07-14)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror 36803 - Sault Ste. Marie

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Mirror 36803 is in good condition. Complete with Jeckells sails and Hann oars. Asking $1200.00 or best offer.

The boat is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

(Posted 2007-05-14)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 22891 - Mount Clemens, Michigan

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Have a Mirror Dingy and trailer I wish to sell. Has had inside winter storage and covered outside storage. Sails in great condition (main and jib). Spars in good condition as is rest of boat. Two centerboards, tiller and tiller extension

Asking US$ 700 for boat and trailer. The boat and trailer are in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

(Posted 2010-07-23)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 57437 - Erie, Pennsylvania

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 57347 Photo: Mirror Dinghy 57347 Interior I have a 1975 built Mirror, hull #57437 with a 1978 Dilly trailer for sale. Both are in good shape and everything is in working order. We have used the boat only a couple times in the last 3 years since we owned it. It has been well protected in dry storage. Sails and cover are in good shape also.

Asking US$1,000.

(Posted 2009-07-21)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 51173 - Huntsville

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 51173 Photo: Mirror Dinghy 51173 Interior This boat and rigging are in great shape. A set of oars is also included. This boat has always been stored inside.

Price $1200. It is currently stored in Huntsville, Ontario.

(Posted 2010-09-16)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy - Brewerton, New York

Photo: Mirror Dinghy in Brewerton - Interior Photo: Mirror Dinghy in Brewerton - Exterior For sale is a really nice Mirror sailboat. Included are rudder, main sail, jib, spinnaker. I bought another boat and need the room. This boat needs nothing, it is ready to sail.

Asking US$ 850.00 or make offer. The boat is located in Brewerton, NY.

(Posted 2010-08-31)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 70249 - Salmon Arm, B.C.

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Completed from kit in 2003, with a marine blue hull, wooden mast and completely coated with West Epoxy system. Rough edges trimmed out with hemlock and lots of upgraded fittings. Boat has been dry stored and never been in the water. Does not have a trailer, but can be placed on roof rack. Sails and boat all in excellent condition.

Price: $2,000. Located in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. May be able to arrange delivery to eastern Canada at an extra cost.

(Posted 2010-07-23)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror dinghy 8471 - Wiarton

Photo: Mirror 8471 with Fresh Paint and Varnish One of the oldest Mirrors in Canada is for sale. Mirror 8471 Wombat has been sailed on 5 Continents and now needs a good home. Original wooden mast and other equipment all included. The kids are working and no longer sailing her. The boat has recently been refinished: stripped to bare wood, primed, painted and varnished.

Boat is located in Wiarton, Ontario. Asking $1000.

(Posted 2008-06-28, updated 2010-07-18)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 25971 - Belleville

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 25971 Mirror dinghy for sale. Sail number 25971. Eaverything in good condition. NO trailer included.

Asking price: $450.00. (A good homemade road trailer could be avalable for an extra $100.00 if needed). Located in Belleville, Ontario.

(Posted 2010-08-06)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 52184 - Barry Area

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 52184 Mirror Dinghy 52184 and trailer. Includes everything: 1 set of sails plus small electric motor (battery not included). The boat has been stored in my garage and I need the space.

Asking $1200. The boat is Located in Lefroy, Ontario (between Bradford and Barrie on Lake Simcoe).

(Posted 2010-07-05)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 31306 - Waterloo

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 31306 I have Mirror #31306 for sale. It is in excellent condition and has 2 sets of sails (31306 and 31325) and a spinnaker. Boat also has a spinnaker chute, self bailer, boom-down cover, tiller extension, spare centre board, and spare boom. Was used for racing by previous owner.

Price is $1,600 firm. Located in Waterloo.

(Posted 2009-07-06, updated 2010-06-02)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 31837 - Kingston

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Mirror Dinghy #31837 and launching dolly for sale by the original owner.

The boat is located in Kingston, Ontario. Asking $950.

(Posted 2010-05-10)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 51166 - Lion's Head (Bruce Peninsula)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 51166 Always dry stored and ready to go for the season.

Fully equipped with all the gadgets and extras including: boom vang, hiking straps, whisker pole, 4 hatch covers (one with barnies bag), clew outhaul, mainsail luff and tack tensioning, ratchet mainsheet block, paddle package, racing flag assembly, etc., etc.

No trailer or launching trolley but I am prepared to deliver within reasonable distance upon prior sale and deposit.

Asking $750. Boat is located near Lion's Head on the Bruce Peninsula.

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 51166

(Posted 2010-04-28)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 55397 - Stouffville (GTA)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 55397 Mirror 55397 Ringhy is in excellent condition: dry-stored, built and completely coated with West epoxy system. Measured and in class. Up-graded fittings. Equipped for racing and/or single-handed sailing. Two sets of sails (one set new). Also spinnaker and spinnaker chute, Super-suck self-bailer, boom vang, hiking straps, clew outhaul, tack downhaul, mainsheet ratchet, self-steering, tiller extension aluminium mast, inspection ports, removeable floorboard, spinnaker pole, spare laminated centre-board Also includes beach dolly and transom dolly, and 2 foam beach rollers, and several Mirror books, sailing and racing books and literature.

Price $1400. Boat is located in Stouffville, Ontario.

(Posted 2010-04-21)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 43778 - Fenelon Falls Area

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 43778 in Profile Photo: Mirror Dinghy 43778 from the Bow For sale: Mirror Dinghy 43778 and trailer. Includes all pieces: 1 set of sails and spinnaker. Also includes small motor. Boat has been used this year and is sailable but would benefit from refinishing.

Asking $1400.

(Posted 2009-08-24)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 51178 - Toronto

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 51178 on the Beach Ready to go for the 2010 sailing season, needs nothing. Always stored in a garage.

Plenty of extras: boom vang, hiking straps, holt jib cleats, wooden jib whisker pole, boom gaff main sail holding loop, 3 hatch covers (port, starboard, stern), main clew outhaul, main reefing line, main tack and luft tensioning, main tack downhaul tensioning, mainsheet ratchet block, self steering assembly, oars, battery running lights, bumpers, tiller extension universal, mud and rock anchors .

Asking $1100.

(Posted 2010-03-22)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 51778 with the Sails Rigged

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 31649 - Ottawa

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 31649 Relaunched in August 2009 For Sale: Mirror Dinghy 31649 complete (sails, spars, rudder and centreboard). No trailer, but can be car-topped on a roofrack.

Boat was built from a kit in Ottawa in 1972. Sailed for a few seasons then mothballed in dry storage until this year. Hull sanded and repainted in July 2009 and fibre cordage replaced. Sailed again in August (see pictures). Excellent condition for its age.

Asking $850. Boat is located in Ottawa.

(Posted 2009-08-24)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 31329 - Kingston

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 31329 - Side View Photo: Mirror Dinghy 31329 - Front View For sale: Mirror Dinghy 31329 and relatively new trailer. Includes sails and spars (mast, gaff, and boom), rudder assembly and centreboard, Jeckells sails. Boat is sailable but would benefit from refinishing.

Asking $1200. Boat is located in Kingston, Ontario. (Posted 2009-07-21)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 20715 - Brampton

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Includes sails and spars (mast, gaff, and boom), rudder assembly and centreboard. Boat is in sailable condition. Has been garage stored since being built in the 70's. No rot.

Asking $600. Boat is located in Brampton, Ontario. (Posted 2009-07-28)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 31393 - Vermont

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder

I have a Mirror Sailing Dinghy for sale. I acquired the boat from my neighbor who was the original owner. The hull number 31393 seems to indicate that it was probably built around 1971. I do not have a trailer for it. The boat has been in storage for approximately 12 years or so and is in good condition. The background paperwork that I have indicates that the boat was purchased in Toronto Ontario. I'm not familiar with this kind of boat but before my neighbor left we assembled the boat in my garage and all the pieces were there.

I'm told the the boat is probably worth about US$ 800.00 so therefore that is the asking price. (Posted 2009-05-31)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror dinghy 26052

Graphic: Sorry No Photo Placeholder Mirror 26052, complete with combination launch/towing trailer, Jeckells sails and instruction manuals. Built by owner 35 years ago, sailed almost every year since construction. Annual maintenance (relatively minor repairs, requiring a total of about 6 hours over one week) incomplete as a result of injury to owner, but all necessary materials, etc., are present.

Asking $1000 or best offer. Located in Guelph. (Posted 2008-05-09)

Sorry - Sold!

Mirror Dinghy 53124 - Oakville

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 53124 on Trailer Mirror 53124 has been dry stored for the last several years. Hull and equipment in excellent shape. Mirror exterior refurbished last year. Offer includes a 16 foot 2000 lb load pivoting boat trailer with new submersible lights, Reese winch, and trailer jack for easy handling, transport, and launch. Trailer is fully adjustable and set to Mirror hull configuration.

The boat is located in Oakville. Mirror and trailer package $1,600 firm. Mirror sold separately, $1,200.

(Posted 2009-07-06)

Photo: Mirror Dinghy 53124 Bottom of Hull

Sorry - Sold!

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