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Mirror Sailing Development (MSD) is the only licensed manufacturer for Mirror Dinghies in North America. It is a not-for-profit company set up and run by members of the International Mirror Class Association of Canada (IMCAC). Our mandate is to promote the International Mirror Dinghy and encourage junior sailing using the Mirror dinghy.

Plans for Mirror Dinghies are not available. Mirror dinghies are sold as Kits or finished boats. Kits are manufactured by MSD under license from ISAF (the International Sailing Federation). The Mirror Kit has all parts pre cut and ready to assemble with help from a detailed, easy to read instruction book that is supplied with each kit. To build a Mirror there are no special skills or tools required - normal household tools are just fine, (an orbital sander and an electric drill would be a definite asset!). To build a good Mirror dinghy requires an investment of approximately 120 to 150 hours. MSD and other Mirror Class members are always available to answer questions about construction details and are ready to help. The shape of the boat develops in the early stages of construction and this tends to keep up the enthusiasm and interest of active young helpers!

Each kit is made from high quality materials: the plywood for the hull is 5 mm thick 5-ply imported BS 1088 certified marine mahogany, the gaff and boom are made from Sitka spruce or fir, and the mast is aluminum. The fittings are stainless steel and are supplied by Holt Allan or RWO imported from the UK. The sails (main & jib) are high quality Canadian made.

Kits are supplied with everything except the paint, varnish and resin for the fiberglass tape. We recommend you use the WEST epoxy system for applying the fiberglass tape on the joints and for coating wood parts. MSD supplies a WEST System handbook with the kit. The paint should be good exterior grade high quality paint, e.g. Sikkens. Varnish should be a high quality varnish intended for marine use with an ultraviolet inhibitor added.

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